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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

“Listen, I feel Jesus in the room.” Dolon

The bride and groom certainly felt the favor of the Lord on their wedding day. So did everyone in attendance at one of the most sacred wedding ceremonies we’ve ever had the pleasure of filming. Piscataway, NJ’s Traveler’s Fellowship Community Church was the setting for this most anointed of weddings. Heralded by their pastor and surrounded by friends and family, Candace and Dolon celebrated the love of a lifetime in the presence of the God of love.

“Exactly what I prayed for and so much more.” Candace

A shared love and faith mean a new family is created from this union. Their love and respect for each other, their singular and joint devotion to the Lord, and their commitment to making their wedding a worshipful experience – these are the elements that make Candace and Dolon’s marriage destined for forever.

“Your presence is our gift.” Candace & Dolon

Their wedding finery was evident in the beautifully jeweled bouquet, bold gold accessories and in the gold accent colors that were everywhere the eye could see. The bride was bedecked in white and radiated love from her training veil to the stars in her eyes. Even the heart detail on the soles of her shoes paid tribute to the love permeating the atmosphere.

The groom’s dashiki-inspired, gold attire was as one-of-a-kind and true-to-his character as his personalized vows. With all those embellishments in place, Candace & Dolon wanted only two gifts from everyone in attendance – their presence and prayers. Their presence was heartfelt, and their prayers were evident.

Professional videography is the best way to preserve your memories and look back on them forever. Because we commemorate every moment, you’ll even see the moments you missed. Let the team at iExclusive Productions capture your wedding day. Call us today and celebrate your love for eternity.

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